Staff of the Dragon Master

+2 Magical Weapon (Attunement required)


You gain a +2 bonus to AC while you wield this staff. In addition, whenever an attacker makes a ranged attack against a target within 5 feet of you, you can use your reaction to become the target of the attack instead. When you hit a dragon with this weapon, the dragon takes an extra 13d6 damage. For the purpose of this weapon, “dragon” refers to any creature with the dragon type, including dragon turtles and wyverns. You can use a bonus action to speak the staff’s command word, causing flames to erupt from it. These flames shed bright light in a 40-foot radius and dim light for an additional 40 feet. While the staff is ablaze, it deals an extra 12d6 fire damage to any target it hits. The flames last until you use a bonus action to speak the command word again or until you drop the staff. When you hit with an attack using this staff, the target takes an extra 10d6 cold damage. In addition, while you hold the staff, you have resistance to ice damage. In freezing temperatures, the staff sheds bright light in a 10-foot radius and dim light for an additional 10 feet. You also gain a flying speed equal to your walking speed for 24 hours and can hover. The staff also deals an extra 12d10 necrotic damage to the target. In addition, the target must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or have disadvantage for 24 hours on any ability check or saving throw that uses Strength or Constitution. You can cause the staff to issue a telepathic call that extends in all directions for 400 miles. Evil dragons in range feel compelled to come to the staff as soon as possible by the most direct route. Dragon deities such as Tiamat are unaffected by this call. Dragons drawn to the staff are friendly toward you even though you compelled them against their will.


Staff of the Dragon Master

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